Volume 32 • Issue 5 • Summer 2013

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Volume 32• Issue 5• SUMMER 2013

I can’t believe that it is already the middle of August!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and that
you were able to take some time off of work and enjoy a vacation
or two. Our big family vacation this summer was a trip
to Disney World. I thought it was an amazing vacation when
I was a child, but it is even more amazing to experience it
through the eyes of your own children. It truly is a magical
place. There must be some sort of magic cloud of happiness
that surrounds that castle, because I went into the trip thinking
it was going to be a complete headache toting three children
ages 6, 3 and 18 months through the place, but instead I was
shocked at how smoothly everything went. There was no
hitting, pinching, yelling, arguing and no tantrums. I didn’t
even hear any whining or complaining! Everyone had their
listening ears on and we just plain enjoyed being together as a
family. My husband and I kept asking ourselves “who are
these children?” However that magic apparently does not
leave the Orlando vicinity because once our plane touched
down in Milwaukee, we were back to reality. It was cold and
rainy and dreary. We hadn’t even left the airport parking lot
and already there were matchbox cars being thrown, two kids
hitting each other in the backseat, and someone screaming
that they didn’t want their seatbelt on. The sweet sounds of

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