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Volume 31 · Issue 12 · DECEMBER 2012

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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday with friends and family. I love spending time with my extended family, but I admit that I am glad that the chaos is over and that things can start settling down… Volume 31 Issue 12 December 2012 View PDF Here

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Volume 31 · Issue 11 · NOVEMBER 2012

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Well, the holiday season has officially begun and I am all smiles because this is my favorite time of year. I was recently asked if I had a favorite Christmas memory, and although I can think of great things about each Christmas growing up, one specific Christmas definitely takes the cake. It was the Christmas that we got tickets to Disneyworld in our stockings. I was 11, my sister Jenna was 7, and my sister Kayla was 4. We had never been to Disneyworld before and had been beg- ging to go for years, but it was very expensive and my parents kept saying that we couldn’t afford it. My parents...

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